FUSTA Northwest Photo Policies

Photos from Northwest events may be submitted to the webmaster. Please note that photos may or may not be used and/or edited at the discretion of the webmaster based on size, content and appropriateness according to the region photo policies detailed below.

  • All submitted photos and videos will be reviewed by the webmaster before posting to the NW Region website.
  • Photos and videos must always be taken & posted with permission of the owner and subject (parents if a subject is a minor) and event organizer. Names of individuals, particularly minors, in the photographs or videos should not be listed.
  • Preferred photos and videos should include as many NW dancers at an event as possible.
  • Photos and videos must be inclusive. Photos that are exclusively of one dance school or dancer will not be accepted. (Rationale: These photos are better suited to the dance school’s webpage or Facebook page).
  • As a general rule of thumb, only photos and videos from SOBHD sanctioned events will be posted unless the dancer receives an award/placing of considerable recognition, such as placing high at the World or US Championships.
    • Exception: Participation in a notable performance, such as a Tattoo performance as these are not promoting any specific dance teacher or studio.
    • Exception: Photos from events (either dance-related or not) scheduled for the sole purpose of fundraising (e.g. for medical research or social programs) or community awareness.
    • Exception: Photos from SDTA/BATD scholarship events, so long as they are inclusive of all the NW dancers that participate (unless only one school attends).
    • Exception: Photos of dancers in costume at non competitive events not exclusive to one dance school.